Motor-driven auger ADA Ground Drill 2

Ground drill ADA Ground Drill 2 is a light and reliable ground drill for private application for one operator. Any drilling works up to 1,5-2 m on the land parcel. Special construction of the frame is very convenient for transportation and storage.

Handles are close to the engine. It is very convenient for transportation of the ground drill, e.g. in the car trunk. Small distance between handles is convenient during drilling of big quantity of small (up to 1m) holes. Such frame with the handles also performs the protective function. The engine will not be damaged If the ground drill is put on the earth or it suddenly falls down.

Due to the power of the ground drill there is a possibility to use auger bits with diameter of up to 200 m. Auger bit ADA Drill 150/800, diameter 150 mm comes into the complete set.

Engine type bicyclic, air cooling
Engine capacity, cc 52
Engine power 2.45 hp (1,800 W) / 8,000 rpm
Fuel tank volume, L 1.2
Composite fuel (gas/oil) 25 :1
Auger length, mm 800
Auger diameter, mm 150
Diameter of the drive shaft, mm 20
Weight, kg (no auger/with auger) 9.5 / 11


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