Electronic measuring wheel ADA Wheel 1000 Digital

ADA Wheel 1000 Digital — is a digital measuring instrument designed for quick and accurate measuring of distances. It takes the place of tape measure and mechanical measuring wheel. It measures distances and displays digital results visually.

Results can be registered at the display and saved in the instrument memory. Display has a bright illumination. Foldable handle and soft back pack allow easy carrying of the wheel to work site. It has a pulldown metal step plate for vertical positioning of the wheel during breaks.

Road measuring wheel ADA Wheel 1000 Digital is equipped with indicator plummet for marking of places of measuring start and end.

Minimum obtainable reading, m 0.01
Maximum range, m 10000
Wheel circumference, m 1.0
Memory cells 5
Measuring units m/cm and ft/in
Automatic tripping in 3 min


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