GANN Hydromette CH 17 Set (wood, building moisture)

The Hydromette CH 17 is a multifunctional measuring instrument for measuring wood moisture, building moisture and air humidity as well as temperature and air velocity.

The robust touch display in combination with modern evaluation and storage possibilities enables a completely new variety of options.

In the field of wood moisture measurement, different resistance measurement electrodes are used depending on the thickness and texture of the wood. Thus precision measurements of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thickness), chipboard and OSB boards, veneers, wood chips and similar bulk materials are possible. The automatic temperature compensation corrects measured values depending on the wood temperature.

The capacitive measuring method is used for the non-destructive moisture measurement of building materials (e.g. screeds, mortars, plasters, concrete, bricks, thermal insulating materials). This time-saving application method is ideal for detecting leaks or for monitoring drying processes in new buildings or during renovation work.

Special resistance measurement electrodes are available for the creation of exact moisture profiles and for depth measurements in building materials for the various application purposes.

Humidity and air temperature are measured by RF-T and RH-T series probes that are equipped with high quality sensors.

In addition to air temperature, surface temperatures (based on Pt100 or infrared) and material temperatures (also based on Pt100) can be measured.

In combination with the LG-25 BL air speed sensor, the Hydromette CH 17 is ideal for measuring the smallest air flows and is characterised by long-term stability, direction recognition and fast commissioning.

For clean room applications, a high-precision calibration for the range around 0.45 m/s is also possible.

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