PENTAX PAIS D-600 6 rotoru multikopters ar SONY A5000 Kit kameru


Frame Number of Rotors 6
  Dimensions Height 530 mm
  Wingspan 980 mm
  Drone Weight 3.7 kg (6.5 kg with battery)
Electric Motor Brushless 6 units
  KV 330 KV
  Max. Power 650 W
Rotor Blades Material Carbon fiber
  Dimensions 215 mm
Launch and Landing Automatic Landing Yes
  Foldable Gear No
Operation Max. Payload 8.5 kg
  Max. Speed 70 km/h
  Cruise Speed 5 m/s
  Control Range 5 km (max.)
  Endurance 25 min (with a Gimbal + SONY a5000)
  Max. Altitude 500 m
  Max. Climb Rate 12 m/s
  Wind Loading 12 m/s
  Configuration Software Mission planner
Power Source Battery 22,000 mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P
  Weight of Battery 2,509 g
  Nos. of Battery 1x
Environment Min. Operation Temperature -20 °C
  Max. Operation Temperature +65 °C
FPV Real Time Image Link Yes
  Frequency 5.8 GHz
  Power 600 mW
  Monitor Included
Navigation Sensors Sensors for Position / Orientation GPS, IMU
  Accuracy Vertical: +- 0.5 m Horizontal: +- 1 m
FCC Autopilot Hardware Specification P9X
  Software Tower
Imaging Devices  
  Type of Camera Morror less / SLR
Standard Accessories   Gimbal
    Propositional controller Futaba T14SG
    Camera set SONY a5000 with a lens
    Battery charger
    Carrying case


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