Mitruma mērītājs ADA ZFM 100-4

ZFM100-4 is a noncontact inductive humidity measurer of soft and hard wood, drywall, bricklaying work. The instrument measures the humidity with the help of sensor that is located on the back part of the instrument. It doesn’t leave any traces on the material in comparison with other contact measurers.

Sensor transmits and receives electromagnetic signals through the material we need to measure. Average value of moisture content in the material per the depth of measurement is displayed on the display. Signal is given if the value of moisture exceeds the control values for the dry condition of the material. Maximum measurement depth is 20mm. Accuracy of the measurement depends on the full contact of the sensor and surface.

Detector of humidity has the function of automatic calibration. If the thickness of the material is less than maximum measuring range, the value will be not so accurate on the display. You can check the values on the LCD display with backlight or LED light.


  • Measurement of four types of material
  • HOLD function
  • Backlight of the display
  • LED indicator of humidity
  • Automatic shut-off
Measuring range:
Soft wood
Hard wood 0%~35%
Values of wall humidity
dry laying, brick wall      
Measurement accuracy ±4% (soft and hard wood)
Maximum measurement depth 20mm
Automatic shut-off in  2min of inactivity
Power supply 1х 9V battery (6F22 or  6LR6)
Running current <35mA
Operating temperature  0~40℃
Dimensions 170×75×30 mm
Weight 152 g (without battery)


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