Vertikālās projekcijas instruments ADA Vertical

Instrument of vertical projection .ADA Vertical is designed for transmission of planimetric position (dot) by optical method or by laser beam. Laser beam is combined with axis of sight of telescope. It’s very convenient when taking measurements, because you can take optical and laser measurements simultaneously. Also it’s possible to control the position of laser spot and transmit planimetric position of dot in vertical direction.

Two independent laser beams (up and down) are built in the instrument. Limit deviation of the plumb up is ± 2,0 mm/100 m. For the plumb down: ± 1.0 mm/1,5 m. Red laser beam (635 nm). Brightness adjustment. Adjustment of diameter of laser spot to increase measurement accuracy. Target plate with 10mm scale comes with the instrument.

Instrument of vertical projection is widely used for control when building elevator well, setting supports for high-tension lines, building bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers, water towers, chimneys and for other works where it’s necessary to have constant control.

Limit deviation of the plumb up ± 2.0 mm/100m
Limit deviation of the plumb down ± 1.0 mm/1.5m
Optics and laser plumb (zenith) Image revers
Magnification 25х
Angle of view 1° 50′
Effective aperture of lens 36 mm
Shortest visual field 0,8 m
Laser range in the daytime<200m ; at night<250m
Laser power 5mW
Diameter of laser spot 3 mm / 50 m
Laser plumb (down point) Source Laser diod
Effective laser range 2 m
Diameter of laser spot 1 mm / 1,5 m
Power supply 2 batteries type АА /1,5 V
Operating temperature -10° ... + 45 °С
Continuous usage 8 h
Dimensions Ø 120×265
Weight 2,8 kg


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