Falling weight deflectometer Englo Instector-3 with GPS modul

Using GPS-module adds the coordinates of the measuring points into the protocol and later you may see them in Google map

Device for measuring ground bearing capacity

Portable falling weight deflectometer (FWD) INSPECTOR-3 is a portable non-destructive device to estimate the bearing capacity of the ground either with or without the binding material. The ground elastic modulus is measured in units of MPa. The device may be used in pavement testing for road construction, building etc.

INSPECTOR-3 uses the falling weight energy for ground elastic deformation. Based on measurement of this deformation, dynamic elastic modulus and several additional parameters can be calculated.
The measurement data is easily presented

The measurement results and other data appear on the backlighted LCD. The results of up to 200 measured series are saved in the device inner memory (each serie contains 8 tests). The saved data can be transferred to PC by BLUETOOTH connection or USB port. Convenient PC software enables automatically produce measurement protocols with measurement date, time and ambient air temperature.

Test points can be mapped using GPS

When INSPECTOR-3 is used with additional GPS-module, the GPS co-ordinates of each serie will be written into the protocol. Therefore all series can be tracked in Google Earth and Google Map.

INSPECTOR-3 has rugged and waterproof aluminium body. For transport the device is placed into a reinforced waterproof wooden trunk.

INSPECTOR-3 comparison with INSPECTOR-2
Technical parameters
Falling weight     10 kg
Loading force     23 kN
Falling weight drop height  800 mm
Loading plate diameters  140 and 200 mm
E-modulus range  5 - 900 MPa
Operation voltage  18 V (two 9 V ALKALINE batteries)
Temperature range  -10 °C to +40 °C
Protection level  IP65
Weight without the trunk  16 kg
Dimensions  1150 x 110 x 110 mm

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