Laser Level Kapro Prolaser 3D All-Lines

Laser Level is the instrument for professionals. Special emitter is used for projection closed lines (360°). Whether used indoors or outdoors, It’s ideal instrument for construction and repair works.

Laser level projects 3 planes: one horizontal and 2 vertical lines 360°. Beam is visible in any dot. There is no need to rotate the instrument. Just place on the selected height. There is a 90° projection (laser cross) when switching on the vertical lines. It’s very convenient to level walls and angles between walls. It is possible to switch off laser lines one-by-one.

Working range

20 m
Working range with receiver 60 m
Accuracy ± 0,2 mm/m
Laser projection 3 line 360°
Thread of the tripod 1/4"
Laser class 2
Laser diode 635 nm, < 1 mWt
Dust/water protection IP 54
Power supply 4xAA
Dimensions 13.4х8.4x12.1 cm
Weight 0,652 kg


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