Automatic laser THEIS VISION 2N TE90 mm display Autoslope

All instruments before sale have been checked and calibrated and also issued with a calibration label for one year.


Horizontal dual grade laser with *automatic monitoring and adjustment of the laser plane (Autoslope). The Slope align function can be activated with the remote control FB-V to record a specified slope target manually. To avoid false measurements, the laser plane is subsequently monitored again and adjusted, if necessary.

Areas of application
Agriculture, gardening and landscaping, building construction, road construction


  • Dual grade slope +/- 15 % with adjustment (Autoslope)
  • TILT in levelling and grade
  • Storage of last slope values
  • Range up to 300 m (radius)
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Masking function of the laser beam
  • Manual slope
TILT - Controlling and switching off alert
MRS - Vibration-protection (No stopping of the instrument in case of light ground vibrations)
MAN - Switching off the automatic mode

TE90 receiver Technical Data

Reception range 90 mm
Range (r) 1mW up to 350 m
Accuracy fine / wide ± 0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0/10mm
Acoustic yes, 2 volumes

2xLCD, 3 LED

Power Source 91xAA battery
Operating time ≈ 45 h
Operating temperature -10 until +50 °C
System of protection IP 67
Dimensions 135 x 69 x 25 mm
Mounting Fixing clamp


Horizontal/vertical dual grade laser

Laser Class/High Power (option)


Wave length

635 nm

Output/High Power (option)

< < 5 mW

Range (radius)

≈ 300 m (High Power - 750 m)*



Self-levelling range

± 5°

Levelling accuracy

± 0,5 mm/10 m

Grade range x,y

± 15%

Grade accuracy

± 0,025%

Slope Align function *

Speed step by step mode (rpm)

0 – 800


10° – 80°

Partial mask mode


Windy function


Display lighted


Power source

NiMH+ or Alkaline “D“ cells

Running time (accu/battery)

≈ 70 h / 120 h

Charging time

≈ 6 h

Operating temperature

-15 – +50 °C

System of protection

IP 67


≈ 3 kg


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