Automatic laser THEIS VISION 2N TE90 mm display

All instruments before sale have been checked and calibrated and also issued with a calibration label for one year.


Horizontal/vertical dual grade laser with monitoring of the laser plane. In case of strong vibrations and major temperature fluctuations, the rotor shuts off automatically to prevent false measurements. The integrated masking function of the laser beam protects road users and pedestrians and prevents false measurements due to reflection (e.g. glass surfaces).

Areas of application
Gardening and landscaping, structural and civil engineering, road construction, interior construction, alignment work


  • Dual grade +/- 10% with monitoring
  • TILT in levelling
  • Storage of last slope values
  • Range up to 300 m (High Power - 750 m)*
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Plummet beam
  • Manual slope
TILT - Controlling and switching off alert
MRS - Vibration-protection (No stopping of the instrument in case of light ground vibrations)
MAN - Switching off the automatic mode

TE90 receiver Technical Data

Reception range 90 mm
Range (r) 1mW up to 350 m
Accuracy fine / wide ± 0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0/10mm
Acoustic yes, 2 volumes

2xLCD, 3 LED

Power Source 91xAA battery
Operating time ≈ 45 h
Operating temperature -10 until +50 °C
System of protection IP 67
Dimensions 135 x 69 x 25 mm
Mounting Fixing clamp


Horizontal/vertical dual grade laser

Laser Class/High Power (option)


Wave length

635 nm

Output/High Power (option)

< < 5 mW

Range (radius)

≈ 300 m (High Power - 750 m)*



Self-levelling range

± 5°

Levelling accuracy

± 0,5 mm/10 m

Grade range x,y

± 10%

Grade accuracy

± 0,1%

Slope Align function *

Speed step by step mode (rpm)

0 – 800


10° – 80°

Partial mask mode


Windy function


Display lighted


Power source

NiMH+ or Alkaline “D“ cells

Running time (accu/battery)

≈ 70 h / 120 h

Charging time

≈ 6 h

Operating temperature

-15 – +50 °C

System of protection

IP 67


≈ 3 kg


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