Digital hibryd tipe Silver Schmidt Type PC

Silver Schmidt PC Type L Concrete Test Hammer with lower impact energy is an advanced version of the classic test hammer, offering intuitive menu-guided operation, electronic data processing, automatic correction for testing positions and test data storage. The Type L Silver Schmidt tests the same range of concrete strengths as the Type N model but is designed for improved repeatability and reduced damage on concrete elements less than 4in (100mm) thick. This PC version of the Type L Silver Schmidt also features advanced Hammerlink software with functionality for downloading to user’s computer for analysis and reporting, the ability to create custom strength correlation curves and extended memory capacity. The HMA-860 Mushroom Plunger accessory can be used with the PC Type L Silver Schmidt on very low strength concretes with compressive strength values from 725 to 1,450psi (5 to 10mPa). This allows consistency testing and strength estimates on a wider range of mixes and on early-age concretes to facilitate form removal and post-tensioning operations. Rebound and impact velocities for R-value determinations are not affected by internal friction and electronic processing maximizes accuracy and repeatability of the Silver Schmidt over traditional concrete test hammers. Preset statistical programs further enhance accuracy for estimations of compressive strength. Estimated battery life allows 5,000 or more impacts between charges.


    Fast and cost-effective condition assessment of concrete structures and elements
    Enhanced accuracy, repeatability and ease of use over traditional concrete test hammers
    Offers improved repeatability on concrete with cross sections thinner than 4in (100mm)
    Tests all concrete with compressive strength from 1,450 to 14,500psi (10 to 100mPa)
    Reduces impact damage to thin or brittle elements
    Memory capacity up to 400 test series of 10 impacts each
    USB interface to user’s computer to upload, analyze and report test data
    Impact energy of 0.735Nm (0.54ft-lbf)

Included Items:

    Silver Schmidt PC Type L Concrete Test Hammer
    Carrying bag
    Carborundum stone
    Battery charger with USB cable
    Hammerlink software

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