Automatic laser for horizontal applications 500H Servo

All instruments before sale have been checked and calibrated and also issued with a calibration label for one year.

Laser level 500 H Servo is equipped with electronic compensator on servodrives. Due to such construction and method of self-leveling the accuracy of the instrument is ±0,15mm/m and range increases up to ±5°. It provides fast and accurate setting in prescribed point.

Leveling in vertical plane is also made automatically with the help of servodrives due to the sensors of slope.

If the instrument is out of self-leveling range, it stops operate and begins to level with the help of servodrives. Then it continues to operate.

Function of slope adjustment in the planes Х and Y up to 5° allows to plan slopes in horizontal plane in different directions.

Adjustable speed of rotation of laser emitter: from 60 to 600 r/min. The higher speed, the more often laser dot goes through the rod or receiver at a distance from laser level.

Scan mode is used for operation in definite sector. It’s necessary when you work with several instruments simultaneously. Laser beam can be moved on the prescribed point.

Receiver is used during operation at large distance. Comes with the instrument. Fix it on the rod and measure on the territory with diameter up to 500 m.

It’s very convenient to use remote control in the range up to 20m. It’s not necessary to come up to the laser level if you need to change operating modes.

This laser level is ideal for horizontal and vertical marking in private construction and during finishing works — for utility lines, wall and floor marking, installation of ceiling and fan systems, for land planning, marking curvilinear surfaces, furnishing of entrances and exits under slope and so on.

• Level System: With electronic sensor
• Self Leveling Precision: Horizontal ±20"
• Vertical: ±20"
• Self Leveling Range: ±5°
• Operation Rang: Dia. 500m (with detector)
• Rotation Speed: 0; 60; 120; 300; 600 r. P. M.
• Scanning Angle: 0°; 10°; 45°; 90°; 180°
• Set Grade: ±5° (x, y axis)
• Laser Source: Laser diode, wavelength 635nm
• Down Point Precision: ±1mm/1.5m
• Remote Control: Approx. 20 m
• Operation Temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃
• Power Supply: DC 4.8-6V (4 sections sub-C Ni-MH battery)
• Working Time: Approx. 20hr.
• Waterproof: IP 64


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