Laser distance meter ADA Cosmo 70

Laser rangefinder ADA Cosmo 70 measures distances up to 70 metres outdoors in broad daylight and indoors. It is important when the measurements are to be taken outdoors. Precision of measurements is ± 1.5 mm.

A multiposition buckle (anvil support) permits to perform measurements from corners, narrow places, slits. If you fold it back for 90° towards the device case, it will be comfortable to take measurements at the planes edges (board, table, windowsill, slab etc.) Strong plastic case is equipped with perimeter rubber pieces for comfortable holding. Rubberized membrane keyboard with big keys permits to work in safety gloves. Measurements results are printed in big figures at two-line liquid crystal display with illumination.

A rangefinder can perform all the main calculations: addition and subtraction of results, calculation of area and volume, indirect measurements according to Pythagorean theorem.

Laser rangefinder ADA Cosmo 70 is a good alternative to a regular tape measure at a construction site, in routine work of a designer, furniture maker, road worker, finisher, windows installer. Laser measurer makes it possible to take measurements quickly and without a " workmate ".

Working range 0.05 to 70 m
Accuracy ±1.5 mm
Laser class, laser type 2, 635 nm, <1mW
Protection against splashes and dust IP54
Operating temperature -0°С...+40°С
Storage temperature -10°С...+60°C
Power supply 2хААА 1.5V
Battery life up to 3 000 measurements
Autom. laser switch-off after 0.5 min
Autom. Instrument switch-off after 3 min
Weight 105 gr
Dimensions 113х47х25mm


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