Radiodetection RD316 Magnetic Locator

The RadioDetection RD316 is an easy to use and versatile magnetic locator, used for the location of buried ferrous metal objects.

Utilising the latest advancements in electronic balancing for greater accuracy. The RD316 can detect objects such as surveyor’s markers, valve boxes and manhole covers down to 2.5m (8 ft).

For locating larger objects including storage tanks, drums and cast iron pipes, depths of 4.5m (15 ft) can be achieved.

The RD316 is simple to operate and designed with many features that enhance its versatility:   an audio tone that sounds on location of a buried object

  an LCD visual indicator displays signal strength and bar graph to further improve accuracy, especially in congested areas

  an erase function that allows you to block out magnetic interference

  a low battery level indicator alerts the user when new batteries are needed and the instrument’s innovative design also provides easy battery access.

The RD316 is lightweight, waterproof and the easy grip design allows it to be comfortably used for long periods.

The RD316 is a flux gate magnetometer that incorporates a proprietary technology, allowing the magnetic sensing coils to be electronically balanced to a finite condition. The RD316 can then implement “peak response” over ferromagnetic objects by yielding an increasing audio signal as the object is approached and passed over.


Display: LCD with analogue bar graph, numerical digits, low battery indicator and an erase function
  Audio Output: Magnetic speaker with waterproof Mylar cone
  Power: Six (6) AA 1.5 volt batteries
  Battery Life: 100 hours of intermittent operation (alkaline batteries)
  Weight: 1.3kg (3 lbs) approximately
  Operating Temp: -18°C to 49°C / 0°F to 120°F
  Length: 101cm (40 inches)
  Construction: High impact plastic, waterproof aluminum sensor tube, epoxy painted

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