Thermo-hygrometer ADA AeroPipe

Thermo-hygrometer ADA AeroPipe is designed for measurement of humidity and temperature of air environment or air flow in enclosed ventilation systems.

Thermo-hygrometer ADA AeroPipe has digital sensor of high accuracy. The instrument is distinguished by high accuracy, high speed of measurement and stability. With the help of thermo-hygrometer ADA AeroPipe it is possible to measure not only humidity and temperature of air environment but to measure the dew point.

The instrument can calculate different special parameters based on the results of humidity and temperature measurements: mixture rate (water vapor content), heat content values (enthalpy), humidity particles per pound (GPP), water vapor mass in gr per kg of dry air (g/kg), display of temperature in °F or °C.

Thermo-hygrometer ADA AeroPipe is widely used in food storage and transportation, storage of the antique, agriculture, forest industry, cattle husbandry, building inspection, in the repair of pipe network and so on.



  • Indicator of relative humidity and temperature
  • Indication of dew point
  • Mixture rate (water vapor content)
  • Indicator of heat content value
  • Enthalpy value (heat content)
  • GPP
  • Mooving probe with plug fitting
  • Temperature in °F and °C
  • Indicator of low battery

Humidity range: 0-100%RH
Accuracy: 0.1%RH
Temperature range: -20℃~70℃
Accuracy: 0.1℃
Battery: 3хAAA batteries


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