Grader finisher transversal levelling system Grader Watchman-2

Grader Watchman is a device for control and regulation of the blade slope of the grader. The device enables the operator to keep the blade slope at necessary angle with the help of sound and light signals.

Grader Watchman comprises two blocks:

  •     slope sensor with signal precision amplifier
  •     slope measuring and control unit

The slope measuring and control unit is fixed to the suitable for the operator place in the grader cab. The unit enables to feed the desired blade slope with the admissible deviation. If the blade slope goes out from the limits the measuring and control unit will give the light and sound signals which help the operator to regulate the blade slope back to the necessary value.
Slope measuring range     +/- 30°
Conceded angle range     +/- 10°
Conceded angle deviation     0.1° or +/- 1.0°
Measuring unit     0.1°
Accuracy     +/- 0.1°
Sensor sensitivity to longitudinal slope     0.1 % slopes up to 45°
Sensor protection level     up to 100 000 g, IP67
Power     < 10 W
Operating voltage     24 V DC

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